Ben Kenyon

Philadelphia 76ers Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Founder of Great Day Squad, Author and Speaker

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“Step 1: Establish your comfort zone. Step 2: Establish your growth zone. Step 3: Take it to the edge.”

“You don’t want loneliness but you will have isolation, that’s just apart of the process.”

“I believe what you put in your body affects everything that you’re going through.”

“Exercise is something we can all do more of.”

“If you can wear your core values on your sleeve, you will find the people that light you on fire and put you in a position so that you can continue to take it to the edge and grow.”

“What tool, resource, or exercise will you use today?”

Ben Kenyon has spent the last 10 seasons working in the NBA with the world’s best athletes, coaches and leaders. 7 seasons working as a Performance Coach with the Portland Trail Blazers and 3 seasons working as Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the Philadelphia 76ers. He’s trained the best of the best in the NBA from MVP candidates, all-stars, Olympian’s to most improved players. Throughout his nearly 20-year career, BK has learned how to focus, navigate, perform and grow personally and professionally in high-stress environments. These are the same principles he used to complete three Half Ironman races, two Olympic-distance triathlons, one marathon and multiple half marathons. As the ultimate hype man, he values boldness and outrageous optimism because BK believes it is necessary for high performers to build a strong foundation that will help them consistently make everyday GREAT.

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