Charlie Rocket

Charlie Rocket is the founder of Street Execs, a multimillion-dollar, grammy winning music management business managing global music icons such as 2 Chainz, Travis Porter, and Young Dolph. But, the bigger his business got, the bigger he got. At the height of his career, he was 305 lbs and diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

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“Belief is what actually makes you mentally tough.”

“The most tough person is the person that’s going to show up everyday. The most tough person is the one who has the highest level of belief.”

“If you find a way for it to look easy, you will find it. If you find a way for it to be hard, you will find it.”

“You make it so clear in your mind that your body starts reacting as if it’s real.”

“Take a breath, sit down and go to the finish line in your mind and you get into your dreams and you feel the feelings in your heart, you are going to get inspired.”

“You gotta visualize, you gotta crave it, you gotta desire it and then next thing you know, you’re in your car chasing it.”

Facing death, there was only one thing on his mind: his childhood dream of being an athlete. As he was reflecting on his life, he kept telling himself “My story isn’t over yet.” He decided to leave everything he had built and return to his childhood dream. In just 2 years, he lost 125 lbs, ran 5 marathons, became an Ironman, and biked across america. To top it off, he became an official Nike sponsored athlete and was featured in the biggest Nike super bowl commercial in history – and it was named after him “Dream Crazy.”

All of his dreams came true, and he has now dedicated his life to becoming a new type of millionaire: one that makes a million dreams come true for other people. In 2020, Charlie Rocket started the Dream Machine Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to making dreams come true for unprivileged people across America. He has built a community of 7 million people on social media that help him and his team make these dreams come true. His new dream is to create the biggest philanthropic, social impact movement ever. 

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Dream Machine Foundation

The Dream Machine Foundation is raising $22,000,000 dollars in 2022 to make dreams come true across America. 

Charlie Rocket
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