Jim Rome

Renowned sports commentator Jim Rome is a popular and consistent voice on radio.  Rome has been the outspoken host of “The Jim Rome Show” since its debut in January 1996, broadcasting live weekdays from 9:00am – 1200 Noon, P.T.  It is the longest running nationally syndicated long-form sports talk program in America.  It is currently distributed by CBS Sports Radio and Westwood One.   He debuted his sports talk program on San Diego’s all-sports station, XTRA Sports 690, in the early 1990’s airing on weeknights.   It was nicknamed ‘The Jungle” by listeners and the host.   Later the program moved to middays in San Diego and Southern California and was first syndicated in 1996 from that station.   

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“I can’t lose if I don’t quit.”

“Decide who and what you want to be. Create a system for achieving that. This system should consist of a multitude of standards.”

“Reverse engineer your life and then execute and take massive action backed by mental toughness.”

“Always do what needs to be done, no matter what whether you want to do it or not. Then what happens is you create mental toughness and it becomes a mental toughness loop.”

“The person you can count on when it all hits the fan and it works for your business and your family and your friend group and everything else. We all know who that person is. We all know who we can count on. Be that person.”

“Choose hard, choose uncomfortable. Everything you want is on the other side of comfortable.”

A quarter of a century later, Jim Rome’s voice is heard on 300+ stations.   Throughout his weekday three-hour show, Rome welcomes his loyal fans, known as “Clones,” to “The Jungle” as he offers his views on the day’s latest sports headlines and interviews players, coaches and prominent sports figures.  Jim Rome was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2019.    

A one-hour highlight version of the show, titled “Jim Rome’s Daily Jungle,” is available as a daily podcast.   Jim Rome makes two more podcasts each week, The Jim Rome Podcast is a long form interview podcast.   The Reinvention Project with Jim Rome is an additional podcast creation, giving focus to Jim Rome’s own reinvention effort and investigation.  

A highly respected voice in the world of sports broadcasting, Rome is one of the leading opinion-makers of his generation. Best known for his aggressive, informed, rapid-fire dialogue, Rome has established himself as the top choice of athletes and fans for sports news and commentary beyond the scoreboard. In addition to his radio hosting role, Rome is a commentator on “NFL on CBS” and provides analysis and coverage for CBS Sports and CBSSports.com.

In January 2018, the radio program, “The Jim Rome Show,” commenced a TV simulcast on CBS Sports Network.  Rome previously hosted the weekday half-hour “Rome” television show on CBS Sports Network and an entertainment and sports talk series for Showtime.

Rome’s ESPN program, “Rome Is Burning,” signed off in January 2012 after airing for seven years. He also previously served as host of the popular program “The Last Word with Jim Rome,” broadcast nightly on Fox Sports Net, for five years. Prior to that, he spent a two-year stint hosting ESPN2’s “Talk2,” a nightly one-hour interview show.   

In addition to his extensive sports broadcasting career, Rome has made cameo appearances alongside Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey in “Two For The Money,” with Adam Sandler in “The Longest Yard” and opposite Michael Jordan in “Space Jam”; appeared in Blink 182’s music video and on HBO’s “Arliss”; and released “Welcome to the Jungle,” a CD featuring memorable sound bites from frequent callers and the hip music regularly used on his radio show.

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Peak performers and elite achievers: What’s their process? How can we apply it? How do we destroy the game like them? Jim Rome is finding out. He’s connecting with those who are making it happen. The best, brightest, boldest, grittiest and most audacious thinkers, grinders, and winners Jim can find. If you’re looking to bust out, reinvent and attack the game with a completely new mindset and be more competitive and effective than you’ve ever been, then lock this podcast in.

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