Sean O’Brien

Sean O’Brien has spent his professional career in the Healthcare industry developing some of the top talent in the Medical Device and Healthcare Technology space generating a level of success that would help grow his organizations revenue more than 10x.

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“My belief is that in the dark, in those moments, is where we truly develop mental toughness, where we truly develop a mindset that truly tells us what we’re capable of.”

“What’s the theme song that you walk into a room with?”

“What are we doing to be intentionally the best damn version of ourselves?”

“This very moment, every single person, everyone of us is dealing with something. But how are you choosing to deal with that?”

“We’re identifying with an attitude and perspective that allows us to push forward.”

“Those moments of anxiety, I call them butterfly moments. Our life is defined as butterfly moments, we shouldn’t run away from butterfly moments, we should run into those butterfly moments.”

His relentless commitment to peak performance would earn him a National Vice President role before turning 30 and during his time as an Executive Leader Sean was responsible for developing and implementing a series of significant organizational changes that would help establish a new Culture of high performance, accountability, and growth throughout the organization.

Sean has utilized his leadership experiences, his experiences as a student athlete at Duke University, along with his extensive work with industry leading business coach, Ben Newman to develop his Peak Performance Playbook that is the foundation of his message today. This program has proven to generate monumental results for organizations culture, employee engagement, and overall performance.

Sean’s passion for inspiring leaders and developing a relentless pursuit towards success is as authentic and inspiring as you will find. The message is clear and his program will help you blow through whatever barriers have been holding you or your organization back from achieving the goals you desire.

Sean resides in Sacramento, CA with his wife, Michelle and their son, Connor. When he is not coaching or speaking, Sean is an active board member for the Big Brother Big Sister organization and is constantly pushing his physical limits with team races such as Tough Mudder, Ragnar, and Spartan.

Sean is dedicated to inspiring his audience to take immediate action that jump starts their journey to their ultimate goal.

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