Ted Rath

Ted Rath is the Vice President of Player Performance for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). Rath begins his third season in Philadelphia. During his first, Rath’s role as Director of Sports Performance led him to oversee all aspects of the team’s Performance related decisions including, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Science, Performance Nutrition, Travel Strategies, and numerous additional aspects. Rath spent the previous three seasons with the Los Angeles Rams. He enters his 14th season at the professional level, also having served as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions.

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“Consistency is the truest measurement of performance. If you can demonstrate consistency day in and day out and rely on your personal process, it will lead to success.”

“Everything in life is about the process. If you will dedicate yourself to upholding certain level of standards in every process that you go through, you will be successful.”

“Going through certain things, demonstrating that you can recognize an obstacle & not even see it as an obstacle because it’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate how you’re going to get better through it.”

“I’m gonna focus on today, right now. What can I do today to get better?”

“We all have bad days. The single most important fact – don’t let bad days multiply. One day, one hour, one situation – don’t let it transcend into the next one.”

“Do the habits of today align with your goals of tomorrow? Ask yourself that every single day.”

In his first season leading his own Strength and Conditioning Program, Rath was named the NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, an award voted on by professionals around the NFL.

Rath was an integral part in the Rams Sports Science program, which helped L.A. finish the 2017 season as the healthiest NFL team based on adjusted games lost, according to Football Outsiders, an innovative statistics website. Shortly after Rath’s first season directing the Rams strength and conditioning program, the organization presented Rath with the new title “Director of Strength Training and Performance” which allowed Rath to play a critical role in all aspects of Performance.

In 2018 the Rams took another step forward in earning a trip to Super Bowl XIII. The health and performance of the team over the two-year span helped them earn the best record in the NFL from 2017-2018. Prior to joining the Rams, Rath was named Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach in Miami for the 2016 season, a year in which they clinched their only playoff berth since the 2008 season. Before his stint with the Dolphins, he spent seven seasons (2009-15) with the Detroit Lions as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Prior to Detroit, Rath was an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at his alma mater, University of Toledo, where he directed the strength and conditioning programs for all 15 of the school’s Olympic sports. He also assisted with all phases of football training.
He is certified through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (C.S.C.C.A.). Rath has contributed to various research articles and is a published author. Rath has written articles for several industry publications and speaks regularly at conferences, clinics, and corporate events both domestically and abroad.

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