Zion Clark

Zion Clark was born September 29th 1997 in Columbus, Ohio. He was born with a rare birth defect called Caudal Regression Syndrome which caused him to be born without legs.

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“Success, support – they go hand-in-hand.”

“People are going to make fun of you, people are going to say this or that. People are going to be nice, people are going to praise you. But you just got to stay true to who you really are.”

“No matter the amount of success you have, there’s failure behind it, there’s loss, there’s L’s you took. There’s so many things that play into that.”

“Failure is part of success Success is nothing without failure. You have to fail & learn to be successful & win.”

“Get yourself a support system, people that will have your back, people that only want to see you win. If you win, they win. If you lose, they lose.”

“Social media is now an outlet for us to express ourselves & show the world who we are & just have fun, connect with friends, family, people from around the world. It’s what brings us together.”

Zion was given up for adoption at birth as his mother was not fit to take care of him, bouncing in and out of prison. He spent 17 years in foster care where he moved between 9 different homes and dealt with a lot of abuse. He was taken advantage of and labeled a problem child due to his birth defect and lack of parental support. Life for his first 17 years was extremely dark, he dealt with significant moments which taught him to grow up without real children and grow resilient. He used wrestling and music as an escape or outlet for his poor home life he was dealing with. 6 months before aging out of the system and being sent to a group home his now mother adopted him and changed his life forever.

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Zion Clark
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